Good On Paper Playlist October 2017

Each month we put together a YouTube playlist featuring artists taken from our music listings and features.

Click here to listen and see track list with dates below…

1. Low Chimes: Sleepwalking (Sat 28th, SVA Goods Shed) | 2. Moviestar: Monroe (Sat 21st, the Prince Albert) | 3. Ian Dury and the Blockheads: Wake Up and Love Me (the Blockheads, Fri 13th Subscription Rooms) | 4. Soccer96: Megadrive Lamborghini (Sat 21st, SVA John Street) | 5. Rachel Baiman: Shame (Sun 15th, the Prince Albert) | 6. The Magic Lantern: No One’s Fault (Sat 28th, SVA Goods Shed) | 7. Yolanda Brown: Tokyo Sunset (Sat 28th, Subscription Rooms) | 8. Kevin Figes: New Clothes (Thurs 12th, SVA John Street) | 9. Swing from Paris: Sweet Georgia Brown (Sat 28th, Stroud Brewery) | 10. Don Kipper: Stamena (Sun 22nd, the Prince Albert) 

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