Made by Alex Hobbis and Adam Hinks


It seems to be the general consensus that Stroud has long been in need of a regular guide to the multitude of events, festivals and artists it harbours. It’s own ‘Time Out’ bringing everything into one place.

In February 2015 we decided to take it upon ourselves to create a publication which would do just that, informing the community in its development and involving local venues, artists and writers in its content.

Launched a mere month and a half later Good On Paper is a free independent magazine providing a monthly guide to festivals, music concerts, art exhibitions, literature events, theatre productions and comedy shows in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

The 24 page publication is currently not available to read online as our intention is to celebrate ‘old school print’ and encourage our readers to visit the venues, shops, galleries, café’s and pubs that stock it.

Our thanks go out to our advertisers, sponsors, printers and the writers and artists featured within, without them Good On Paper magazine could not have been made. A magazine which we hope will continue to support the music and arts scene in Stroud for the foreseeable future…


Alex Hobbis

Moved from Bristol to Stroud in 2011, swapping inner city life for greener pastures.

When not spending his spare time on Good On Paper, hunting for vinyl in charity shops and recording/playing shows in instrumental post-rock band The Pirate Ship Quintet he enjoys the family life up in the Rodborough hills.

For the last eight years he has worked for the Big Issue and is currently the Account Director for the Big Issue South West magazine working out of the Exchange on Brick Row.


Adam Hinks
Design & Art Direction

Moved from Birmingham in 2010, avoiding the toddler-height smog of the city.

Adam is a freelance graphic designer under the name The PDCo. He spends his time creating illustrations, designing brand identities, building data visualisations and pixel nudging interface designs. Bass player, guitarist, part-time children's entertainer.

Adam also runs Stroud Cluster - a co-working space for freelance designery-types, freelance coders of all sorts and modern micro-businesses.

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