Stroud Fringe: Sing Along Social by Anna Jacob

You lucky people!

Amongst the many delights on the Stroud Fringe programme this year, one to look out for (if you’re a fan of singing, dancing and ‘the craic’ in general)  is the first UK outing of an Irish phenomenon: Sing Along Social.

What is it? The Sing Along Social is a zero-commitment choir, or ‘mob karaoke’ depending on how you want to look at it. You don’t need to be able to sing, you don't need to practice, you don't even need to know the words. It's about caterwauling along to some great songs in the company of friends and strangers. We choose a different playlist for every event, often with a theme, for example: ‘Pop Battle’, ‘Guilty Pleasures’ or ‘Kate Bush vs. Stevie Nicks’.

Conceived in 2015 by writer/DJ/events organiser Aoife McElwain, Sing Along Social has gathered a dedicated, sell-out monthly audience in a Dublin pub and pretty massive crowds at festivals and events around the country. I jumped on board as co-host earlier this year to help manage the extreme excitement of 2000 people screaming along to ABBA, Britney and Mariah (amongst others) at this year’s Body & Soul festival in Westmeath, (and because Aoife couldn’t set off two confetti cannons at once). Being a Stroudie myself and knowing how much the fringe crowd would dig a good singalong I managed to sneak myself and Aoife on to the festival programme this year. You. Are. Welcome.

When is this wonderful thing happening? Saturday eve, Canal Stage. Exact time TBC, check the fringe programme out soon...

What should I bring? Bring your lungs and your enthusiasm. You may walk away with a prize if we think you’ve given it your all.

What kind of songs will there be? We are working on a playlist tailored to the very musically discerning Stroud crowd… expect a bit ‘o’ Prince… Queen… Kate Bush… plus some surprises.

Where else can I find this brilliant event? We will be at Another Love Story (Co. Meath) and Electric Picnic festival (Co. Laois) and there’s an Irish tour planned for October. If you’re in the Emerald Isle, the monthly Singalong happens at MVP (Harold’s Cross) on the last Sunday of every month. More UK dates will almost certainly be announced for 2018...

I’m confused… More info pls? Click here for a lovely article about SAS 

Follow @singalongsocial on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram for videos, photos and more, and we’ll see you at the fringe!

Anna Jacob is a renaissance man who splits her time between Stroud and Dublin. Check out her latest nonsense @annaflaps