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Stroud artist and filmmaker Joe Magee (Bill Bailey, Time Magazine, the Guardian, Good On Paper) was once sacked by The Daily Telegraph when they discovered he had been inserting subliminal anti-establishment messages into his regular illustrations using a braille font. The messages said things like ‘Thatcher f**ked us’ and ‘This publication supports body fascism’.

Stroud actor and musician Keith Allen was once sacked as a stagehand from a Max Bygraves theatre production for joining the chorus line on stage stark naked... 

Now these in-subordinates have teamed up to make a short film in Stroud based on a real-life incident that happened to Joe in Stroud when he was buying ice cream for his children from an ice cream van  - and got into 'an ugly altercation' with the man selling the ice cream - and they need your help to make it. 

In collaboration with local production company  Zebrafish Media the film will be shot in Stroud with a local film crew and local actors. Joe is currently crowdfunding the film through and has offered a multitude of tempting rewards and perks including signed limited edition posters, invites to the premiere, thank you credits and even the unique chance of a non-speaking role in the film! 

They only have a few weeks to get the funding - by 19th September 2017. People can contribute any amount from £1 upwards. To get involved visit: and for further information contact