Call Out: Ontograph - a museum of... -

By Ed Davenport

This is an open invitation to contribute to a temporary museum exhibition that will be open to the public in Stroud beginning of next year.

There isn’t a limit to what can be submitted. It could be a letter or a correspondence, a collection of some sort, an email thread, a wedding ring, an old Argos catalogue, a family heirloom, a piece of fake gold, a story you wrote, a signed photo of Brian McFadden, an unsigned photo of Brian McFadden, a sound recording, a homemade map, a picture or comic book you did at school, a sketch of your rat, a sculpture of your feelings, a broken Alicia Keys CD case or a functioning tool that you have not and will not ever use...

The aim is to grant anyone and everyone a space to exhibit and share an otherwise unseen or unheard of object/collection/possession. Consequently, and perhaps most importantly, it can create a public resource that provides commentary or interpretation of our shared environment that other facilities may not. There’s also a slim chance this sharing of objects can generate something that’s not reducible to the human meaning or agenda the objects also embody.

You could argue that museums generally elevate certain groups of objects above the everyday, in part to exemplify their greater significance and preserve this hierarchy. One of the intentions of the Ontograph is simply to place all submissions (objects of widely varying origin, age etc.) on a level plain of importance.

For a chance to be included in the exhibition send photos and brief description of your museum object to by Friday 14th December.

Visit and for further info and the facebook event page here for news and updates…