Good On Paper Playlist October 2016

Each month we put together a YouTube playlist featuring artists taken from our music listings and features.

Click here to listen and see track list with dates below…

1 - Rue Royale - Halfway Blind (Sun 2nd, The Prince Albert)

2 - Emily Barker – Nostalgia (Tues 25th, The Prince Albert) 

3 - Chris Pureka – Landlocked (Weds 5th, The Convent) 

4 - The Pictish Trail – Dead Connection (Thurs 6th, The Prince Albert) 

5 - Russian Flying Squirrel (pick up October issue for interview!) 

6 - Blood Sport – Clasp My Head (Sat 22nd SVA) 

7 - The Bristol Ensemble – Vivaldi Four Seasons (Sun 9th Christ Church, Nailsworth) 

8 - Buffalo Skinners – Goodbye To My First Love (Fri 21st, The Prince Albert) 

9 - Marc O’Reilly – Scottish Widow (Sun 16th, The Convent)

10 - Climbing Trees – Graves (Sat 8th, The Convent) 

11 - Rackhouse Pilfer – Bright Lights (Weds 19th, The Prince Albert) 

Pick up issue #19 (out now) for further info!