Stroud Fringe 2016: This Is A Call To All...

Images by: Tammy-Lynn Photography, Cam McMillan and Helen Rodgers © Stroud Fringe

Last year's Stroud Fringe stayed in people's minds long after the last chords played out... Ingenious pop-up stages in shopping centre loading bays, a procession led by a red rams head with golden horns, a gigantic mind boggling walk-in structure, fire-breathers, exhibitions, circus acts, authors, poets, comedians, theatre companies and a ridiculous amount of bands and artists over just one weekend in August. All for free. 

Tirelessly organised by a new committee the fringe felt completely re-invented and deftly celebrated what makes this town so unique. Thousands of people of all age groups descended upon the town to take part in the festivities leaving with a smile on their face and happy memories in tow. Job done.

Despite the extra work and funding it takes to create a free festival the fringe is still fully committed to being just that and rely on sponsorship, partnerships and donations to secure it's ongoing future. Less than a week after the news of Brexit it seems to have all ready hit businesses sadly resulting in some funding earmarked for this year's festival now no longer available. "This really isn't about political comment, just a statement of fact of the situation we find ourselves in. We are aware of other arts/community events facing the same problems with funding as us and we respect the position of businesses and funding bodies in this time of financial uncertainty. Running Stroud Fringe is an expensive business - it costs over £10,000 just for security and medical cover before we can even start building stages and having fun. Support from the local community and fans of Stroud Fringe would enable us to run the festival in all its glory again this year - goodness knows we need a party!" Stroud Fringe Team

So there you have it, the fringe will no doubt still take place and be as ambitious a project as it was last year - but it needs your help!  Visit the website, click the donation button and give as little or as much as you can and invite your friends to do the same...Long live the fringe

Click here for details of the Good On Paper stage at this year's Stroud Fringe taking place on Sunday 28th August at St Laurence Church...