Recommended Releases by Anna Jacob

Ardyn:  Universe

Debut EP released last month via National Anthem records

Ardyn (formerly Kitten & Bear) are nineteen year old twin brother and sister duo Katy and Rob. Originally from Cirencester, Ardyn have performed regularly in Stroud since they debuted at a local battle of the bands competition at the tender age of fifteen.

Universe is poptastic in the best possible way: catchy melodies tastefully delivered and simply produced together with some very clever harmonies and layering of vocals. Katy is blessed with a truly effortless, timeless voice. It just doesn't seem fair that they are only nineteen. I can’t wait to hear what they do next…

Emlyn: Etherialism

Debut EP self released in September

Emlyn Bainbridge is a young Stroudie, now based in Bristol.

Etherialism is a voyage in ambient, electronic alt-folk music with a dreamy, sombre quality. Quirky production makes sparsely written songs sparkle a little brighter. Aiming for the minimalist sound recently made ubiquitous by the likes of The XX, Emlyn’s first release shows ingenuity and promise.

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