Hopeless Maine by Tom and Nimue Brown

Tom and Nimue Brown have been working together for about a decade. This is a creative partnership that turned into a marriage, and that continues to result in books and other curious offspring. Their story started on opposite sides of an ocean and now finds itself alive and well, and living in Stroud, Gloucestershire. The joint project that brought the Browns together is Hopeless Maine - a graphic novel series set on a co-created island, inspired by a shared love of all things strange, steampunk, gothic and moody, as well as ongoing love affairs with landscapes and wildlife. Working at the same table, sharing the same coffee maker, being trampled by the same cat has led to greater depths of collaboration, with non-fiction titles, novels, and an illustrated novella with Professor Elemental.   Aside from the bookish joint projects, Tom and Nimue do workshops together, lead bad poetry slams, sing radically political folk songs and turn up wearing hats in places no one expects hats to be... (the events, not the bodily location).

In conjunction with our recent feature in issue #23 of Good On Paper (out now) we have obtained Chapter 1 from the graphic novel which you can read below:


Tom and Nimue Brown have kindly offered three original pages from Hopeless Maine to three lucky Good On Paper readers! To be in with a chance of winning one of the above pages simply email your name with 'Hopeless Maine Giveaway' in the subject line to: hopelessmaine@gmail.com. Winners will be notified on Monday 6th March 2017.

Hopeless Maine is available now from Stroud Bookshop and on-line at the bookdepository.com. Visit hopelessmaine.com for further info!