Judith Gunn: Dostoyevsky - A Life of Contradiction

This biography by local author Judith Gunn is an accessible introduction to the life and work of Fyodor Dostoyevsky for those who might be interested by his life, but are daunted by his work. The book offers an account of his difficult and eventful life, introductions to his major novels and an exploration of how his work has influenced modern film and media; directors such as Martin Scorsese and series such as the X-Files and others owe a great deal to Dostoyevsky.

Published on the 15th December via Amberley Publishing the Christmas season coincides with some of the major events in Dostoyevsky’s life, not least a mock execution and the journey to Siberia. He also wrote a famous short story called At Christ’s Christmas Tree a Russian version of The Little Match Girl

Dostoyevsky: A Life of Contradiction is available from amberley-books.com, Amazon and bookshops UK wide.

Judith and Amberley Publishing have kindly offered Good On Paper reader's an excerpt of the book prior to it's release which you can read below: