Review: Brewhaha! Sat 21st May @ The British School by Annabel Hollis

A not to be missed trio of feisty, female fun featuring Helen Wood and her wonderfully witchy team Jo Woolley and Kate Lewis...

An alchemically rich brew of audience participation and quick witted improvisation brings a fresh, on the edge entertainment set in an archetypal village and embedded within the lively music of Village People. From out of the village emerge three quirky characters with dialogue which is  fast moving, infectious and energising.  Their words bubble forth from audience suggestions picked out of a magical cauldron hat  and might be a village location, the line of a song, a film genre or emotional state. Their facial gestures and body movements entertain as much as their words.There is never a dull moment in the village with one scene quickly morphing into the next and the next.

Quirky, dynamic and mischievous Brewhaha! are a comedy force to be reckoned with. Each woman enhances the performance of the other. It is a joy to witness their co-creation. Go and see them!

Annabel Hollis is a massage therapist at the Cotswold Health Centre, Stroud,  has written a mini book Coming Home to Earth and had several art exhibitions locally