Sir Peter Blake Exhibition @ Wetpaint Gallery by Sarah Edmonds

There is now only one week left to see an exhibition of rare and popular prints by Sir Peter Blake, ‘the Godfather of British Pop Art’ at the Wetpaint Gallery in Chalford.

100 Sources of Pop Art

100 Sources of Pop Art

Blake is best known for creating the sleeve for the Beatles album cover Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. It has become an iconic piece of work, much imitated, and catapulted Blake into the heart of the swinging sixties London art scene. America has Warhol and we are proud to have Blake.

The exhibition is a riot of colour, contemporary and relevant to both young and old, pops of colour on a grey day in Stroud. His signature icons and pop ephemera are still evident, collage, portraits in poster style with titles as quirky as his work, Thor the Enforcer, one of the portraits of his much loved wrestlers and Getting In Over My Head, the artwork for the 5th studio album by Brian Wilson. I’m struck by how accessible the work is for an artist with such a pedigree. Glittery union jacks could hang on any wall, Beano collages that make you smile.

I’m drawn to 100 Sources of Pop Art – the largest piece in the exhibition, a limited edition silk screen with diamond dust, glitter and glazes depicting one hundred pop icons and prints that have inspired his work. Sadly it’s price on application, but it won’t fit in my car anyhow. Prices start at just £795 and each and every piece must surely be a collector’s item.

Getting In Over My Head and Union Jack

A graduate of the prestigious Royal College of Art, Blake received a CBE in 1983, and was knighted in 2002. He was a West Country resident for a time, living near Bath, but now lives in London where he’s still painting.

An old friend of Blakes, Jinty Stephenson, recently sold a piece of his work for £350,000 having paid for it in instalments in the 60’s - £3 every Saturday when they met at the pub each week. She was a fellow art student and a bit strapped for cash!

Celia Wickham, director of the Wetpaint Gallery Online is one of the energetic pioneers of contemporary art in the area, bringing the very highest quality exhibitions to her Chalford gallery which is situated directly opposite the Lavender Bakehouse. Wetpaint moved here from Cirencester at the end of last year, and we can expect to see exciting monthly exhibits. The backbone of her business is now online where she hopes to develop her portfolio of high profile clients.

The artistic community in Stroud never rests on its laurels – it’s an exciting place to live if you love art, thanks to people like Celia who bring international artists right to our doorstep.

The exhibition is on now and runs until Sat 1st October; visit for further info...

What’s coming up next at Wetpaint…

A Life in Sculpture - Talk and book signing with Sophie Ryder - 15th October 2017

From Cheltenham to Chalford – following her talk at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, sculptress Sophie Ryder joins Celia Wickham at the Wetpaint Gallery to discuss her new book “A Life in Sculpture”. Best known locally for her wire sculptures of mythical creatures, hares and hybrid beings she will share secrets of her inspiration and fascinating life. An exhibition of her work will be at Wetpaint from 6th – 29th October.

Sarah Edmonds is an Italian graduate from University College London, where she also studied History of Art and a short course at Slade School of Fine Art. She's been a tour guide in Tuscany and now works in marketing for Authentic Adventures, a travel company based in Stonehouse that specialises in painting holidays.


The Creative Network

The Creative Network is a new not-for-profit organisation based in Stroud delivering CPD and a supportive network for anyone working in the creative and cultural sectors. 

The group will run every six weeks from the Museum in the Park with the first one due to be launched this Wednesday 7th September at 10:30am.

Each meet features a training seminar by industry expert Abbi Kirby and will include a discussion of the sector and thinking tasks for each creative, plus opportunities for strategic planning, help building resilience and confidence boosting opportunities.  The group will also offer peer-to-peer support, networking opportunities, feedback and access to low-cost advice clinics. 

If you are a start-up, self-employed, freelancer, or employee seeking to engage in the business dimensions of your work then the Creative Network is where you belong...

The group costs just £25 per mont, further details can be found on facebook and

Shelfware @ the Line Gallery by Leah Grant

Rather than showcasing a single piece of work, one that has reached its creative conclusion and which the viewer often interprets with little to no contextual history, Shelfware – currently on display at SVA’s Line Gallery – invites visitors to probe through the workbooks and notebooks of a variety of different artists, revealing ideas that are both partially created and wholly concluded.

Guest co-curated by Ed Davenport, James A. Holliday, Edward Lawrenson and Sam Marsh, this fascinating new exhibition presents a diverse array of records in the form of professionally printed and handmade books, sketchpads, folders and even a newspaper, allowing visitors to consider the various methods utilised by artists and writers when creating and showcasing new work.

It’s clear that memory is a factor that the curators are keen to highlight in Shelfware (particularly in the exhibition’s literature, where the filmic work of Alain Resnais is discussed), this has led to the decision to transform Line Gallery into a library, a place where visitors are actively encouraged to remove books from their shelves and read at their leisure. This unique form of presentation stresses the importance of the library as a place of learning; in this particular embodiment, the idea that memories can be extracted and stored for the future reference of their creator as well as a means of discovery for others, also emphasises the significance of the library in terms of collective growth and posterity.    

“The term ‘Shelfware’ is slang for something destined to live on the shelf never to be looked at and is a comment on the social sea change towards the use of the Internet over libraries.” – Sam Marsh

Everyone involved in Shelfware should be applauded for their bravery – an artist’s workbook is extremely personal, a form of experimentation and development that is not often created with public consumption in mind. Like the finished creations that are also on display here (as well as the vast array of artist books pilfered from the curators’ own collections), a large piece of the creator has been exposed and we should treat this as both a rare opportunity to delve deeper into the mind-set of Stroud’s upcoming creative talent as well as a chance to consider our own part in the unfortunate demise of the traditional library in the 21st century.

Shelfware is open on Saturdays 11am - 4pm until the 28th August.

Leah Grant is a writer and photographer with a keen interest in art and literature. On her blog, Bellyful of Art, you can find reviews of exhibitions, installations, dance performances and literary events as well as her own lovingly created pieces of short fiction

TOTO Design Collective: Pop Up Store

Pop up shops have dramatically changed the landscape of Stroud High Street in the last few years, brilliantly utilising the ever increasing empty shops to create a platform and temporary exhibition spaces for independent local artists.

From Stroud Valley Artspace's regular exhibitions at the old Millets shop and their ongoing Meanwhile project (which includes Up This Way in Merrywalks Shopping Centre and Sally Hampson's Weaving Shed at 29 High Street), to Clay Sinclair's popup gallery at number 48 High Street and Gemma Kay Waggett's Nothing But Navy it continues to showcase the towns burgeoning arts scene whilst offering a stark contrast to high street chains and pound shops... 

This month TOTO Design Collective; a Stroud based group of designers, artists and craft workers have taken up residence in the Old Eclipse shop at no 39 King Street to show a selection of interiors, textiles, sculpture and paintings. Open for just two weeks it features work by Tony Hunt (structural engineer turned painter), Polly Lyster (hand dyed textiles), Kim Francis (sculptor), Adele Bond-Powell (seamstress working with antique fabrics), Joe Lyster (lighting designer), Ioni Lyster (designer and artist) and Isabel Lyster (puppetry and mobiles). 

Witnessing their collection of uniquely different works in such an unconventional setting truly allows you to see them in a different light, and upon entering a pop up shop it does feel special in someway - knowing you might be visiting something for the first and last time...

The pop up store is open from Monday to Saturday, 10am - 5pm until Saturday 2nd July. Follow the collective on facebook and instagram - for further information call them on 01453 885 036 / 07828671383

Pop on in.



Big Heart - Calling All Art Lovers!

Artists and Celebrities are creating artwork in support of Longfield’s art for health community programme. Now you have the chance to bid for your own piece of art through the Big Heart Secret Art Auction!

The Big Heart art auction is returning for a second year to raise vital funds to support the programme. Last year more than 100 specially-commissioned pictures were sent to Longfield and sold on eBay in a secret auction! This year even more artists and celebrities are taking part...

To add some excitement and to help raise more funds the individual artist's identity will remain a secret until after the auction has finished! Each piece of art is signed on the back by the artist, so that their identity remains secret until the end of the auction. 

If you are an artist, and would like to submit a piece follow this link to request a Big Heart pack.

The Big Heart Auction will open on-line on eBay on Tuesday 22nd November till Thursday 1st December. You can keep up to date with the latest news and see the artwork on Instagram, twitter  and facebook. To receive an email notification when the exhibitions and auction goes live, email

Big Heart Exhibition Roadshow

Big Heart will take to the road in October staging workshops and exhibitions to shout about the power of art for our well-being. This is also where you will have your chance to see the artworks in the flesh at one of 7 exhibitions before they go live at the auction. 

The dates are:

October 22-23 The Garden Gallery, Montpellier, Cheltenham / October 27-28 Regent Arcade, Cheltenham /November 5-6 Museum in the Park, Stroud /November 7-11 Corinium Museum, Cirencester /November 14-20 Gloucester Cathedral /November 21-25 The Wilson, Cheltenham /December 1 Longfield, Burleigh Lane, Minchinhampton

Longfield is a charity which provides care for people in Gloucestershire with life-limiting illnesses, and their families. It has a day therapy service, outreach activity such as art for health and a hospice at home service. Registered Charity Number 298627.

Stroud College Students Fashion Show by Rebecca Farrell

Stroud College Fashion students host their end of year Fashion Show at Rush Skate Park in Brimscombe on Monday 13th June showcasing their unique collection of garments. After three months of hard work these exclusive styles will be taking centre stage, and you will have the opportunity to have front row viewing of the impressive conceptual themes that each student has designed.

The show will have a compelling ambiance of inspiration, energy and festivity. It will be a celebration and farewell before the fashion students move on to thrive in higher education and work. "The fashion course at Stroud is very innovative and exciting; it has pushed me further in my skills and ambitions. I am looking forward to starting university next year, where I am studying Costume Construction at the Royal Central Drama School in London. A university I never thought I would have got accepted into without the support of the tutors at SGS" Rosie Holditch ,18

If you are interested in a private preview, come to our Private Exhibition on the 10th June, 6-9pm. Tickets for the Fashion Show are just £6 (adults) and £4.50 (concessions/students)  and are available to buy at the College, Stratford Road, Stroud (between 12:30-2pm and 3:30-5pm).

Visit the facebook event page here for further information.

Studying Fashion at Stroud campus, helped me recognise and understand my strengths and interests. With the support that has been given by the lecturers, I have finally discovered what I want to do next year; Graphic Design Communication at Chelsea College...

Rebecca Farrell is currently in her last year of studying fashion at Stroud College, we wish her good luck in her future ventures!

Fred Chance and David Corio: Keeping Time

This Friday 27th May sees the opening of the 'Keeping Time' exhibition at the Museum in the Park, bringing together for the first time a series of remarkable black and white images of renowned musicians by photographers Fred Chance and David Corio. 

Choosing images to accompany this month's feature proved to be a truly difficult task so we've put up another selection from the exhibition for you below...

Fred Chance:

Courtney Pine, Bruce Springsteen, David Crosby, Pee Wee Ellis, Debbie Harry

David Corio:

Sun Ra, Prince, Miles Davis, Nick Cave, Joe Strummer

Pick up this month's issue (June - out now) for an interview with Fred and David by Rebecca Mills. The exhibition runs until Sunday 26th June, further collections of their work can be found on and





Gallery Pangolin: Nature of the Beast

In conjunction with this month's feature on Gallery Pangolin's 25th anniversary exhibition we sent our resident photographer James Kriszyk along to take some images of the gallery and their current exhibition Nature of the Beast...

The gallery's Jubilee exhibition runs from Monday 13th June until Friday 22nd July and features a spectacular selection of silver sculptures (seventeen have been specially commissioned) from the likes of Damien HirstDaniel Chadwick, Antony Gormley, Deborah van der Beek, Terence Coventry,  Ellis O'Connell and many others.

Pick up a copy of our July issue (out now) to read Kate Montgomery's article on Gallery Pangolin's history and a preview of the forthcoming exhibition.

Clay Sinclair: Pop-Up Pop-Art Exhibition

'Art Therapy'

'Art Therapy'

Stroud based artist Clay Sinclair has again opened the doors to his pop up gallery space at number 48 High Street, Stroud to exhibit a series of provocative pop paintings on perspex.

Dealing with issues of power, prestige and possessions the strikingly colourful paintings offers a modern take on the famed 50's pop art movement incorporating his own unique and playful style.  

'The Church of Clay' - 'Pop Fiction'

The exhibition is open to the public every Saturday from the 28th May until the end of June, and by appointment on 07968868397. Visit for further info and be sure to pick up a copy of our July issue as we delve further into the Church of Clay...



Exhibition Preview: Alexandra Darbyshire - It Fell From Earth by Paul Harper

'Sky Is Ground' and 'Vapour Wave'

The first time that I saw Alexandra's work she had not long relocated to Stroud from Canada. At that time, whilst her paintings tended towards abstraction, they never quite transcended their starting points in imagery, sometimes of underwater scenes and, most strikingly, of military aircraft dropping decoy flares in patterns known as ‘angels of death’, intended to deflect enemy fire. Colour and surface were achieved by painstakingly layering tinted varnishes. The results were highly worked, dream-like images with slick lustrous surfaces, suffused with a queasy crepuscular light. Out of this dim half-light there were faint glows and sudden flashes of phosphorescence. They carried a sense of mysterious depth and of something coming into being, something dark, faintly repellent, but nevertheless compelling.

This work was continuous with the paintings that Alexandra had received wide recognition for in Canada.  The working methods that had evolved through her early career sustained her through a period of transition into a new life in a new country. But she came to a point when, having built a new studio, she wanted to break away from the established routines of her practice, to let go of self-imposed rules and to reflect the bigger changes that had happened in her life. Her approach to this transformation has been characteristically rigorous and systematic. Where she once worked within a tight, constraining, framework she has forced herself to paint spontaneously. Where the earlier work had a kind of meticulous, painterly precision, these new paintings have a loose, vivid unpredictability. The surfaces are no longer glossy, but are energetically course, with vigorous brush marks and crusty layers of thick paint. Her palate still includes murky, dark tones, but these are now overlaid with sickly ice-cream pastel colours that fizz with chemical toxicity. She paints quickly onto paper and board, taped to the walls of the studio, casting work aside as she goes along and then returning to it later, ripping out sections and collaging them together to create sudden disruptions and juxtapositions. Torn edges and fragments of tape are left to be incorporated into the new assemblages. This work has a raw, dynamic force, but it is never unintentional. It draws on all of Alexandra’s experience and understanding as an artist.

'Moon Force' and 'Tonsil Heaven'

Looking at Alexandra’s earlier work, I was reminded of Turner’s paintings of Norham Castle at sunrise. They had something of the same sense of imminence, of a world swimming into focus in the gathering light. The reference persists in this new work, but where it once evoked primordial, organic processes it has now taken on more dramatic, cosmic, dimensions, suggesting vast geological events, new worlds emerging out of dark chaos. 

Since coming to the UK Alexandra has had a number of group and solo shows, but this will be her first opportunity to show a coherent collection of new work in Stroud. She is particularly pleased to be showing at Line Gallery, which is an artist-led space curated by Jessie James and Rosalie Darien Jones. Their aim is to create a nurturing space for artists to try out new work and to develop their ideas. It was in just this kind of space that Alexandra was able to build her practice as a young artist herself back in Eastern Canada. 

It Fell From Earth will be exhibitied at the Line Gallery from Monday 30th May and runs until Sunday 12th June. Further information can be found at and

Paul Harper has a wide range of experience of working in the arts. He was a founding director of Alias Arts and is Vice-chair of the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trust. He currently combines writing, research and teaching with consultancy in the visual arts and crafts.

Review: Sam Marsh & Martin Heron - Spot and Stripe @ Line Gallery by Leah Grant

Currently on display at Stroud’s Line Gallery are the works of Martin Heron and Sam Marsh. This joint offering focuses primarily on pattern within a fine art context and in both cases the artists have utilised the very act of pattern-making to create work that challenges the viewer on multiple levels.

Martin Heron: Loitering with Intent, Arrangement and the Choicest Cut

Through the use of painted galvanised steel, Heron constructs forms that could be considered confrontational in nature. The pieces on display at Line Gallery, including Loitering with Intent, Arrangement and The Choicest Cut (a form dripping with red paint, reminiscent of a piece of bloody meat) are, by virtue of their material, unequivocally solid. Against the gallery’s white walls, their vivid colours cement their permanence, their twisted forms highlighting, perhaps, that toughness does not preclude manipulation.

Sam Marsh: Circle Blue Sky and Diamond

Marsh’s painted canvases aren't just striking in appearance, their bright often clashing colours and fractured patterns draw the eye to something that is vaguely familiar; and yet, as we take in the carefully constructed cubes and frenzied spirals of paint, pinpointing that familiarity becomes difficult. More important than finding a recognisable image within these painted ‘collages’is the process that’s involved in creating them. Quickly we find ourselves marvelling at the way shapes are abruptly halted in their path, at the way new colours, new patterns, are revealed beneath the artist’s swirling marks. Marsh’s use of shape extends as far as the surface on which he creates these pieces – on display at Line Gallery, circular and diamond shaped canvases assure that these works have a carefully crafted sense of completeness, reaffirming the unconventional nature of Marsh’s work.

Spot and Stripe is an exhibition that expertly straddles the fine line between public accessibility and creative innovation whilst highlighting the originality and uniqueness of two exceptional artists.

The exhibition runs until this Saturday 14th May, visit for further info!

Leah Grant is a writer and photographer with a keen interest in art and literature. On her blog, Bellyful of Art, you can find reviews of exhibitions, installations, dance performances and literary events as well as her own lovingly created pieces of short fiction

Let's Try Arts - A New Online Arts Platform

Stroud based artist and entrepreneur Katherine Bryan-Merrett has teamed up with Miles Owen one of the founding directors of Ecotopia, and Very Software Directors Sergei Golubev & Vitalij Kudresov to launch Let’s Try Arts. Starting in Gloucestershire then being rolled out nationwide, Let’s Try Arts is an exciting way to search for and book on to creative workshops.

"There are so many fantastic workshops, courses and classes being offered by artists but we rarely get to hear about them. I wanted to make it simple to find out what’s going on in your area by creating a ‘one-stop-shop’ for creative workshops and activities” Katherine goes on to say “making it easy for both the artist and for their customers, our aim is to become the biggest on-line platform for creative workshops.”

Local arts venues such as; Victoria Works Studios, Hawkwood College, Atelier and SIT select  have been some of the first to get involved by adding their upcoming workshops, courses and classes to the Let’s Try Arts website. Not only will the site help local people find out what’s going on but it could also have an impact on tourism.

It is a website for finding creative activities in your local area: drawing, craft, textiles, sculpture, dance, music, writing... you name it! 

"Art has always been a joyful thing to participate in, to watch, to experience, to learn about, to grow with and further develop your own skills and expertise. Our focus here at Let's Try Arts is to make it more accessible to more people. We believe that art and being creative are things to enjoy and have fun with, we want everyone to have a go at something new. Who knows, you might just find a secret talent you never knew about."

As a special launch promotion, Let’s Try Arts are currently offering FREE listings. Arts venues or individuals can sign up and add their workshops, courses, classes or other ticketed creative activities for free for a limited time only. If you are interested to find out more, then get in touch by visiting their website: or by emailing:

Community Photography Exhibition: Call for Entries

From Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th April the Crown and Sceptre will be holding a Stroudies and their Wheels photography exhibition as part of their Stroud Unplugged and Craft Beer Festival. 

Sponsored by Pedego the exhibition will take place in the infamous Gurt Yurt and the Crown are inviting the local community to send in photographs which must contain at least one person and one wheel (which could be anything from a tractor, pram, car, motorbike. waterwheel etc). There are various prizes to be won including electric bike rides from Pedego...

Please email high resolution images in JPG format to by the 6th April together with a short description of the photograph (20 words max). In return you will be emailed an entry number which you should write in the corner of the entry form (available from the pub or download via facebook event page here), enclose with your £2 entry fee and post it in the Red Post Box in the Pub!


Up This Way @ SITE Festival: Open Call

Up This Way, the highly unusual and unique furniture and accessories store located in the Merrywalks Shopping Centre, Stroud, will be celebrating SITE Festival’s 20th anniversary of artist led projects by inviting the general public to exhibit 'art furniture' works alongside local professional designers, artists and makers. Entrants are being asked to send in photos of work for consideration and selection for an exhibition entitled Re-Make/Re-Model. The pieces should focus away from mere functionality towards more conceptual art & design, utilising furniture as a blank canvas for the imagination such as; Salvador Dali with his Mae West Lips sofa, Frank Gehry with his corrugated cardboard Wiggle Chair or Damien Hirst with his paint splattered objects.

 “We want to encourage all those super talented people who have been privately making great works but have not had the opportunity or the outlet to share them.” explained co-founder of Up This Way, Jason Wilkinson.“Stroud has a great reputation for artistic and creative talent and we not only want to celebrate that but build on it by allowing people to consider developing their skills as a career”.

The exhibition will run from 1st to 30th April and visitors can purchase any works displayed. For more information about making and entering pieces for the exhibition you can visit or email


SVA Fundraising Art Auction for Refugee Aid Stroud by Rosa Harris Edmonds

In light of the current humanitarian crisis, the Stroud Valley Artspace are organising a Fundraising Art Auction in aid of Refugee Aid Stroud at the old Millets Shop on Stroud High Street.
"We’ve wanted to do an Art Auction for a while and given the current situation with the refugees and the fact that we had the opportunity to use the old Millets shop it was a great chance to put them together. We’ve got a great selection of work, I’m really excited about seeing it all and to hopefully raise lots of money for a great cause. It’s also given artists a chance to help if they couldn’t have otherwise" Briony Wilson-Fforde, SVA

Donated by Oliver Marsden 

Donated by Oliver Marsden 

Nearly 50 artists have generously donated art works for the auction, including Antony Gormley, John Wood & Paul Harrison, Cleo Mussi, Dan Rawlings, Oliver Marsden, Juliet Chadwick, Marcus WaltersColin Glen, Alex Merry and many more! 

Donated by Marcus Walters

Donated by Marcus Walters

All the proceeds raised from the forthcoming Fundraising Art Auction will go to Refugee Aid Stroud, which started as a private Facebook page back in September last year, simply aimed at  getting a van load of donations together to send to the refugee camp in Calais. They have since stopped aid collections and will be focusing their efforts on directing fundraising and volunteers to appropriate bodies on the ground in Calais, Greece, Syria and anywhere else that the refugee crisis flares up."Refugee Aid Stroud is a voluntary organisation, this means that every single penny raised by this excellent Art Auction will be spent directly on food, clothing, building materials or getting volunteers onto the ground." Jesse Carrington, Refugee Aid Stroud

The exhibition opens to the public on Saturday 13th February with drinks and nibbles from 12 – 4pm, and will be open on Fridays and Saturdays, 10am – 4pm until Saturday 27th February.
The Auction itself will take place on Saturday 27th February at 6pm. You don’t need to book, but you can save time by registering to bid by emailing with your name, email and mobile number (you will then pick up your bidding card on the night!). If for some reason you cannot make the auction, there is also an option to 'live bid' on-line from the comforts of your sofa via  
Alternatively, you can pre-bid by dropping your bid into the ballot box at the exhibition. And if you don’t fancy bidding but would still like to donate to this great cause, there will be a donation box at the auction. 

Click here to visit the facebook event page for further information and regular updates!


Limited Edition Good On Paper Poster By Joe Magee

The poster designed by Stroud based illustrator and award winning film-maker Joe Magee (Bill Bailey, Time Magazine, The Guardian - featured in issue #8 of Good On Paper) for our recent event at the Prince Albert is now available to purchase from Made in Stroud!

It's an A3 limited edition print (run of 100), signed and numbered by Joe for just £10...

The event raised over £600 for Gloucestershire Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers. Visit for further information on this inspirational local charity.

Joe Magee, Good On Paper Issue #8 November 2015. Interview by Rebecca Mills

Joe Magee, Good On Paper Issue #8 November 2015. Interview by Rebecca Mills

If you missed last year's November edition and would like to read the interview it is currently available as a download here



'The Booth of Truth' Good On Paper @ the Prince Albert, Sat 9th Jan 2016 by James Kriszyk

If you would like a print/copy at a 'pay-what-you-like' price, or would like to see further images from the 'Booth of Truth' email: 

Sam Marsh by James Holliday

Sam Marsh has his fingers in paint. In an instant, he whips his arms around and drags paint with him. Across the canvas, arcs are appearing as the paint is moved around. It is tubular, snaking over the surface and lacing up and down. It is taken off, scraped back. Not right. His fingers are back in globs of paint and his arms are whipping around and the paint is following. Better. This is a repeated process; it is quick, and physical and replayed. SM moves back and forth across the canvas, removing and reapplying paint. What hangs on the wall is the result of a single frenetic session – but it is also one of many. Frank Auerbach’s drawings are made in the same way: the charcoal from the previous day’s sitting is wiped off and the image is remade. Below each drawing is the faint outline of old marks. When finished, one image stands out but the others linger behind. While SM adopts this method, the thickness of the paint wipes away any ghost. Tubular was the right word to use; the marks appear three-dimensional. They could have been squeezed out and piling up like ketchup on a plate.

Below the manically made tubular paint marks are calmer paintings. This is a slow process and sets the tone for the finished work. Blocks of colour are painted on and areas are masked off. Space for the paint to be dragged is made. Fingers move through the paint, pulling the globs across the surface. As this is done, the colours below come through, staining the marks being made. Where masks have been laid the dragged paint doesn’t go and pre-planned shapes can be seen. Ideas of collage begin to come through. In places, the paint laces and is met by a sharp line or the corner of a hexagon. There is an expected tension between the rapid swirls of paint and the measured calm of a hexagon grid. 


Recurring throughout all of the paintings are references, to collage, but also to the imagery of computing and the Internet – particularly with the use of garish colours. They do not move softly into one another but stop and start sharply. The electric colours of early web pages come to mind. Also the marks made with SM’s fingers are reminiscent of graffiti imitated by early Photoshop or Microsoft Paint. Remember dragging a curser over a computer screen and leaving a trail of harsh colour behind? SM’s paintings have the marks we tried so hard to make. 

Sam is currently exhibiting at the new Line Gallery (SVA) until Tuesday 1st December, for further examples of his work visit




OUT NOW: When Spider Kisses Fly - By James Kriszyk

A new collection of stunning black and white images by Good On Paper resident photographer James Kriszyk.

Based in Stroud James was born in south London in to a family of diverse European heritage. It was quite late on in his life and whilst at Art College that James found photography, and after some exploration & travelling around with a camera he studied a degree at Gloucestershire University. This gave him an insight in to the mechanics, styles, history and representations of photography but it was through discovering the spontaneity, freedom and theatre of street photography that he fully connected with the medium.

“With each piece of work I do there is a bit of me in it, a record of what I am feeling at the time.”

When we send James off to take pictures to accompany a feature in Good On Paper we always know it’s going to be a difficult task to choose between them. Each image manages to convey the true essence of a person’s character; a testament to the way in which he easily builds an instantaneous connection with his subject.

‘When Spider Kisses Fly’ contains portraits and street scenes in his now instantly recognisable and unique style. They seem spontaneous yet considered and offer a relatable account of the world which surrounds him.

The 27 page book costs £10 and can be purchased by emailing James at and individual prints can be purchased here.

A selection of photographs from the book are currently being exhibited the Centre for Science and Art opposite the Stroud Library in Lansdown, we highly recommend a visit…

Twitter: @kriszyk