Up This Way @ SITE Festival: Open Call

Up This Way, the highly unusual and unique furniture and accessories store located in the Merrywalks Shopping Centre, Stroud, will be celebrating SITE Festival’s 20th anniversary of artist led projects by inviting the general public to exhibit 'art furniture' works alongside local professional designers, artists and makers. Entrants are being asked to send in photos of work for consideration and selection for an exhibition entitled Re-Make/Re-Model. The pieces should focus away from mere functionality towards more conceptual art & design, utilising furniture as a blank canvas for the imagination such as; Salvador Dali with his Mae West Lips sofa, Frank Gehry with his corrugated cardboard Wiggle Chair or Damien Hirst with his paint splattered objects.

 “We want to encourage all those super talented people who have been privately making great works but have not had the opportunity or the outlet to share them.” explained co-founder of Up This Way, Jason Wilkinson.“Stroud has a great reputation for artistic and creative talent and we not only want to celebrate that but build on it by allowing people to consider developing their skills as a career”.

The exhibition will run from 1st to 30th April and visitors can purchase any works displayed. For more information about making and entering pieces for the exhibition you can visit www.upthisway.co.uk or email info@upthisway.co.uk