Butoh Dance @ Lansdown Hall Fri 6th + Sat 7th May

Dance enthusiasts are in for a rare treat this weekend with a special Butoh performance from Juju Alishina taking place this Friday at Lansdown Hall, followed by a workshop on Saturday.

Butoh was born in Japan in the 60s and influenced by the European avant-garde Created to change many aesthetic and conservative ideas, according to Juju Alishina it was not only the emergence of a new style of dance, it was life itself concentrated in a new form. The famous Butoh rituals of life: birth,flames of passion, pain, death. The 1980s witnessed the emergence of a new wave of Butoh in which dance movements are resolutely contemporary, It is to this new aesthetic that Juju Alishina can be linked.

Juju Alishina is one of the veterans of Japanese Butoh dance having had a professional career spanning 33 years and has performed on more than a thousand stages in Japan, Europe and the USA. Her work is appreciated as a fine blend of the traditional and the avant-garde. Trained in traditional Japanese dance and Butoh, she founded her own company ’NUBA’ in Tokyo. In 1998, she moved to Paris, where she developed her own teaching of traditional and contemporary dance. Her method of dance, ‘Butoh Dance Training – Secrets of Japanese Dance through the Alishina method’ was published in Japan in 2010, and is now translated and published in France, Canada, Australia, the UK and the USA.
Considered a key figure in the third generation of Butoh, Juju Alishina’s method offers a well-balanced and harmonious approach to Butoh dance movement in all its abundance. Accessible to all from beginners to experienced dancers and actors of all ages, her method provides not only a creative approach to dance movement but also an introduction to the aesthetics and the philosophy of Butoh, as a means of expression and release. 

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Fri 6th May Juju Alishina: Nuit Rouge Red Night
Butoh performance accompanied by violinist Thol Mason 8pm £12otd/£10adv available from Star Anise
Sat 7th May Butoh Dance Workshop with Juju Alishina
All ages, all levels (Beginner to Professional). Dress code : standard dance exercise wear, example: T-shirt, pants, socks. Places limited, book early to secure your place! 12am- 6pm

For further details bookings and discounts (10% performance/workshop combined) contact: alanfrank14@gmail.com