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Film/Music @ SITE Festival

Happy to announce a unique series of film screenings with live soundtracks presented in collaboration with Stroud Valley Artspace as part of this year's SITE Festival! Advance tickets can be purchased on-line via or in person from the SVA at 4 John Street...

Fri 8th Eraserhead w/ live soundtrack from Sheena

1977 American surrealist horror written and directed by the legendary David Lynch which tells the story of Henry Spencer, a man who is left to care for his grossly deformed child in a desolate industrial landscape. During the film, Spencer experiences dreams or hallucinations, featuring his child and the Lady in the Radiator. The live soundtrack will be performed by popular local dream pop/psych group and SVA’s artists in residence Sheena (featured in ‘Stroud Sounds’ article in Issue 4). Click here for facebook event page

£5adv/£4otd/£3concs 8pm

Fri 15th Turksib w/ live soundtrack from Bronnt Industries Kapital

One of the most breath taking documentaries ever shot, Turksib is an epic spectacle that lyrically and intensely depicts Stalinist Russia's improbable efforts to build a railway through one of the most inhospitable deserts in the world. With their live soundtrack commissioned by the British Film Institute, Bristol’s Bronnt Industries Kapital tap into the weird and wonderful emotions and intellectual political dilemmas thrown up by this incredible film. Pastoral solo psaltery melodies, Central Asian-style drones, graceful ensemble pieces, and propulsive drum rhythms combine to trace Turksib's dizzying transit. Click here for facebook event page

8pm £8adv/£9otd

Fri 22nd Sunrise w/ live soundtrack from Heliopause and Will Scobie

After his success with ‘Nosferatu’ German expressionist filmmaker Murnau was invited to Hollywood by Fox and spent a fortune creating the large, extravagant sets for ‘Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans’ in which a seductive city woman urges a farmer to murder his wife and elope with her. With dazzling sets and incredible visual clarity from a recently discovered Czech print, the film is a stunning silent classic. Heliopause and Will Scobie will be merging guitar and vocal loops with electronic sounds to create an original live score. Click here for facebook event page

8pm £8adv/£9otd

Fri 29th Fantastic Planet w/ live soundtrack from Asteroid Deluxe

This spellbinding futuristic sci-fi animation from 1973 directed by Rene Laloux captured the band's attention a few years ago. The film's surreal and mesmerising psychedelic imagery created by French writer and artist Roland Topor depict the extremely strange landscapes and life forms on the planet Ygam and of the various aspects of its life form’s society, such as their meditation and their technology. It has a brilliantly weird original soundtrack by Alain Gorague which will now be sonically re-imagined by Asteroid Deluxe...Click here for facebook event page

8pm £8adv/£9otd

Pick up issue #13 April 2016 (out now!) to read more about this years SITE Festival. The official festival programme is available to pick up in venues throughout Stroud and a downloadable version via